Success Stories from Past Clients at Smith Family Law

"What an amazing team! Christian made me feel so confident! Very attentive, great at communicating and keeping you updated on your case. Holly, thank you for being so consistent as well and always keeping me in the loop. They all go the extra mile or ten if they have to. I am so lucky to have had this team on my case. I want to thank you all for everything. Highly recommend!!!!"
Katelyn Hieatt
"Christian Smith was absolutely amazing and helped me to be able to see my daughter again. Ms. Smith mediated a visitation agreement for me and I ended up getting almost everything I was looking to have to happen done in the negotiation. Christian has been great about getting back to me with my questions about the agreement. As a father, knowing that Christian will fight for my rights has made such a positive change in my life and all I can say is that this was money well spent. Do yourself a favor, if you need legal help with a family matter, these lawyers will go to bat for you, 100%."
Christopher Banuelos
"I hired Christian Smith to work a prenuptial agreement for my marriage. When I first consulted with Christian she was very easy to talk to and completely understood what I was looking for and what wanted to protect. She was very easy to work with, she was very responsive to all my calls and emails, anytime I had a question about a process or what was the next step in the negotiation process, she was the most helpful person to talk to during the whole process. I felt a lot more confident with her representing me and my interest and when I walked out of the negotiations with Christian as my guide in this process, I felt so much better! She is an absolute rock star! I would definitely work with her again in the future and recommend her to anyone else that is looking for a strong lawyer to represent you."
Omar Cruz
"I am so happy I went with Christian Smith to represent me during my divorce. Anyone who has been through divorce knows it is one of the most stressful life events anyone can go through. Christian made the process as smooth and quick as possible. She is very easy to communicate with and always responsive in a timely manner. She worked hard to resolve my case and did so with integrity and professionalism. Best of all, she understood the cost associated with legal fees and was mindful to not nickel and dime my case. I would definitely recommend her to a friend or loved one going through a divorce."
Shawn Patterson
"Christian was the best attorney, she heard what my concerns were, then advised me on what was best for my son. She understood my entire long and complex custody battle. Christian was professional, she was an expert on Texas laws and most importantly connected with me and my son's case. Again, she is the BEST, and if I ever need a lawyer again she will be the one that I call. Her staff was very helpful too."
Vanessa Barendt
"Christian is a great attorney and represented me in a child custody/divorce case.  She always kept me up to date on my case.  She spent hours preparing for trial and preparing me for trial.  Christian kept my best interest in mind throughout the whole process.  My military retirement was at stake and Christian fought hard for me to keep all of it.  Christian is very knowledgeable in child custody/divorce laws.  I am extremely happy to have had Christian as my attorney in this case.  Anyone that needs an attorney for child custody or divorce I highly recommend Christian Smith."
Chris Teske
"I consulted with and hired Ms. Christian Smith in order to handle my divorce. She listened attentively to my situation which involved adultery on my spouse's end and his unwillingness to change. She handled things in a very professional way and was firm and strong at the same time. I truly believe she respects the binds of marriage and family. She and her staff kept me updated of the process and next steps. What a peace of mind and an easy ride this was thanks to her."
Nancy Keim
"I worked with Christian Smith for my divorce. And from beginning to the very end she has been with me step by step. Very professional and extremely warm-hearted. Especially during a very difficult situation. Definitely recommended for anyone. I personally have 2 young kids as a father she was a great attorney to represent my interests."
Marco Loaiza
"To say it was a pleasure working with Christian and her staff would be an understatement. From beginning to end she provided me with the best guidance and advice possible, stayed in constant contact with me, and always took the time to answer my questions and explain things to me that I didn't fully understand. She took time out of her busy holiday schedule to consult with me on very short notice, and she was kind and helpful every step of the way through the divorce process. She was also extremely valuable to me during mediation, always considering our options which allowed me to make the best decisions on how to proceed with each step. I feel fortunate to have been connected with her and retain her counsel, and I would recommend her to anyone looking for legal representation in matters of family law."
Bryon Minton
"Single father, five children, thank you, Christian Smith! Christian Smith is simply amazing. She stood next to me in court and accomplished something that most people would consider not likely at all. Her professionalism, attention to detail, resourcefulness and determination to do what was right for my children resulted in an enormous success story. During the course of our case, we faced several obstacles and complications. Imagine attempting to gain custody of five children from a mother in Texas while living out of state, with CPS involved and making a terrible mess of things. Christian demonstrated resilience and continued to make forward progress despite the challenges. The result was being awarded sole custody with exclusive rights to all five children! I imagine a large majority of family attorneys go their entire career without achieving a goal of this magnitude or complexity, as Christian has.

My children are now in a safe, stable, and loving environment as a direct result of her efforts and abilities. I feel personally indebted to her for making this difference in my children's lives and would very highly recommend her services!"
David Romero

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