How to Get an Emergency Custody Order Tips


How to Get an Emergency Custody Order Tips

Do you need help securing an emergency custody order to ensure a child’s safety in Texas? This process requires swift action and a solid understanding of legal procedures. An attorney can offer the guidance and support you need. They can assist in collecting the necessary evidence, preparing your case, and speaking on your behalf in court. With a lawyer’s help, you can strengthen your case for the emergency custody order and facilitate swift protection for a child in need. 

What Is Emergency Custody?

Emergency custody is a legal arrangement in which a judge grants temporary custody of a child to someone if they believe the child is in immediate danger of harm. This order acts quickly to remove the child from harm and place them in a safer environment. Emergency custody is always temporary and usually only lasts until the court can make a more permanent decision during a final custody hearing.

Anyone concerned about a child’s safety can request an emergency custody order. This includes parents, grandparents, or other relatives. In some cases, even close family friends who have a significant relationship with the child can apply if they have enough evidence of danger or harm. However, a judge will only grant emergency custody as part of a larger family law case, such as a divorce case or a suit affecting the parent-child relationship (SAPCR) case.

To get emergency custody, you must clearly show that the child faces a real and immediate risk. This might include situations of abuse, neglect, or severe parental misconduct. The court then decides whether emergency custody is warranted based on what’s best for the child’s safety and well-being. 

Situations That Qualify for Emergency Custody

The purpose of an emergency custody order is to protect a child from immediate harm. The court will always look at what’s best for the child when making its decision. To that end, you must prove a child is in immediate danger or at risk of serious harm to get an emergency custody order in Texas.

Texas law considers situations like those involving physical or sexual abuse, neglect, or a parent’s sudden inability to care for a child as emergencies. For instance, if a parent is using drugs dangerously around their child or if there’s domestic violence in the child’s home, these also qualify for emergency custody.

When you apply for this order, you need to show clear evidence of the danger. This could be police reports, medical records showing injuries, or statements from witnesses who saw the harm or threat. It’s not enough to just say a child is in danger. You must provide solid proof to the court. 

Tips for Getting an Emergency Custody Order

You’ll need to take several important steps to get an emergency custody order in Texas. First, you must fill out the necessary legal forms. These forms ask for details about why you believe the child is in immediate danger. Be clear and provide as much evidence as you can. This could include police reports, medical records, or statements from people who know about the situation.

After you fill out the forms, you must submit them to the court. A judge will look at your request quickly, often on the same day. If the judge agrees there is an emergency, they will issue a temporary order to protect the child. This order removes the child from the dangerous environment until a full court hearing can take place.

Here are some tips to help you through this process:

  • Seek Legal Advice: Get help from a knowledgeable family law attorney. They can protect your rights, fill out legal forms accurately, and present a strong case on your behalf.
  • Gather Plenty of Evidence: Collect documents or witness statements that can prove the child is in danger. Your attorney can help you with this step.
  • Act Quickly: If you believe a child is in immediate danger, don’t wait. The faster you act, the sooner you can protect them.
  • Stay Focused on the Child: Remember, the court’s main concern is the child’s safety. Keep your focus on why emergency custody is necessary for the child’s protection. 

What Happens After Emergency Custody Is Granted?

After a judge grants emergency custody in Texas, the child immediately moves to a safer environment. This change is temporary until the court decides on a more permanent solution. In the meantime, the judge will set a date for a full court hearing, usually within 14 days. During this hearing, both sides can present their evidence and arguments about the child’s future and potential custody arrangements.

At the hearing, the judge will listen to both sides before making a decision on long-term custody based on what’s best for the child. Depending on the circumstances, this decision could lead to a change in custody or other orders to protect the child’s welfare. 

How a Custody Lawyer Can Help

How to Get an Emergency Custody Order Tips

If you’re considering the challenging process of obtaining an emergency custody order in Texas, having an experienced lawyer by your side can make a significant difference. Here are some ways an attorney could assist you in your emergency custody case:

  • Completing and filing the necessary paperwork for the emergency custody order
  • Gathering and organizing evidence to support your case
  • Preparing you for what to expect during court hearings
  • Representing you effectively in court
  • Negotiating with the other party’s lawyer, if necessary
  • Explaining complex legal terms and procedures in simple language
  • Identifying and meeting all legal deadlines
  • Requesting temporary support orders for the child
  • Protecting your parental rights throughout the process
  • Coaching you on how to present your testimony
  • Cross-examining witnesses to support your case
  • Objecting to improper evidence or arguments from the opposing side
  • Submitting legal documents and evidence to the court
  • Demonstrating the necessity of the emergency order for the child’s safety
  • Addressing any counterclaims or responses from the opposing party
  • Requesting modifications to the custody order if circumstances change
  • Connecting you with resources and support services for the child 

Contact a Texas Custody Attorney Now

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